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Hard Rock / Classic Rock / Alternative / Metal / Rock

4 Connection (Angola)
Aaron, Lee
 - Facebook (Canada)
Adorned in Ash - Facebook (South Africa)
Aeverium - Facebook (Germany)

And Then She Came - Facebook (Germany)
Atomic Blonde - Facebook (USA)
Beatrix - Facebook (Norway)

Bitch, Betsy - Facebook (USA)
Blackbriar - Facebook (Netherlands)
Blind Ivy - Facebook (Russia)
Carson, Casandra (Paralandra) (USA)
Clay - Youtube (Nigeria)

Cockpit (USA)
Cohen, Meytal - Facebook (USA)
Conkrete God - Facebook (USA)
Diemonds - Facebook (Canada)
Divinity Roxx - Facebook (USA)
Drain STH (Sweden)
The End of Melancholy - Facebook (Belgium)
Fireball Ministry - Facebook (USA)
Flight of Fire - Facebook (USA)
Ford, Lita - Facebook  (USA)
Garbage - Facebook  (USA)
GhettoSongBird (USA)
The Great Kat - Facebook (Germany)
Hailey Hayes - Twitter (USA)
Halestorm - Facebook (USA)
Heart - Facebook  (USA/Canada)
Hearts on Fire (Argentina)
Hekátē (Italy)
Heos (Mexico)
Humanitarian (Botswana)
INDYA - Facebook (UK)

Facebook (USA)
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Facebook (USA) (See our profile)
Kawaguchi, Senri (Japan)
Khaotika - YouTube (USA)
Kylesa - Facebook (USA)
Last Union - Facebook (Italy)
L7 - Facebook (USA)
Lilith and the Knight - Facebook (UK)
Li-sa-X (China)
Lynn Carey - Facebook  (USA)
Mayhem, Tia (Flight of Fire) (USA)
Meldrum  (USA)

Merciless Savagery - Facebook    BandCamp (USA)
Militia Vox - Facebook (USA)
Moonlight Benjamin - Facebook (Haiti)
MoonSun - Facebook (USA)

Nashville Pussy - Facebook (USA)
Nebulae - Facebook (Italy)
Nemesea - Facebook (Netherlands)
Nocion - YouTube (Puerto Rico)
Nota Promissoria - YouTube (Brazil)
Osei, Cherisse - Facebook (USA)
The Osyx - Facebook (USA)
Paralandra - Facebook (USA)
Phantom Blue - Facebook (USA)
Port Joanna - Facebook (Germany)

Quatro, Suzi - Facebook (UK) (See our profile)
Ragnarocker (Brazil)
Reign of Z - Facebook (USA)
RISH - Facebook (Kenya)
Runaways Facebook  (USA)
Rock Goddess
Ruslana (Ukraine)
(See our profile)
Sansovini, Simone - Facebook (Italy)
Sapphic Musk - Facebook (USA)
Scarblade - Facebook (Sweden)
Scorpion Rose (USA)

Seraphim Rogue (USA)
The Silverettes
- Facebook (Germany)
Skarlett Riot - Facebook (United Kingdom)
Sleater-Kinney - Facebook (USA)
South Haven (Denmark)

Spit On Your Grave - Facebook - Linktr.ee (Mexico)
Spoil Engine - YouTube (Belgium)
Strauss, Nita - Facebook (USA)

Strongheart - Facebook (Sweden)
Stormstress  (USA)
Tashafrica (Port Joanna) (Germany)
Thawer, Sarah - Facebook (Canada)
Thundermother - Facebook (Sweden)
Velvet Ocean (Finland)
Venom and Mayhem - Facebook (USA)
Venom, Tanya (Flight of Fire) (USA)
Veridia - Facebook (USA)
Vigil, Alicia (Vigil of War) (USA)
Vigil of War - Facebook (USA)
Wait Hell In Pain - Facebook (Italy)
Watts, Tonya
 - Facebook  (USA) 
Vixen - Facebook (USA)
Wilde, Laura - Facebook (Australia)
Witchcryer - Facebook (USA)
Witches Brew (USA)
The Wolf HunterZ - Facebook (USA)

General / Modern Metal

Ahead (Poland)
Angel Nation - Facebook (UK)
Astray Valley
- Facebook (Spain)
AVERSJA - Facebook (Poland)
Beatrix, Regina (DüsterLust) (Germany)
Bedard, Ravyn - YouTube (Canada)

Benedictum  (USA)
Blitz (USA)
Bloody Hammers - Facebook (USA)
Bogdanova, Helle (IGNEA) (Ukraine)
Bombshell - Facebook (USA)
Burning Witches - YouTube (Switzerland)
Chastain (USA)
Critical Mess - Facebook (Germany)

Crystal Viper - Facebook (Poland)
Cut Like This - Facebook (USA)
Daeria - Facebook (Spain)
Death Under Fire (USA)
Dimlight - Facebook (Greece)
Dobrić, Jelena (Persona) (Tunisia)

Doro (Warlock) - Facebook (Germany/USA)  (See our profile)
Dream Ocean - Facebook (Germany)
Dress The Dead - Facebook (USA)
DüsterLust - Facebook (Germany)
Enemy Inside - Facebook (Germany)

Epica - Facebook (Netherlands)
Fallcie - Facebook (Russia)
Fire Red Empress - Facebook (UK)
Fortress United - Facebook (USA)
Giulia, Natassja (Enemy Inside) (Germany)
Hart, Lauren (Once Human) (USA)
Hanzel und Gretyl - Facebook  (USA)
Hellcats - Facebook (Slovenia)
Hessler - Facebook  (USA)
Hexed - Facebook (Sweden)

Highway - YouTube (Colombia)
Hora Vitrum - Facebook (Mozambique)
Huntress - Facebook  (USA)
IGNEA - Facebook (Ukraine)
Infected Rain - Facebook (Moldova)
Jaded Star - Facebook (Greece)
Kaczanowska, Ada - YouTube (Poland)
Kittie - Facebook (UK/Canada)
Kobra and the Lotus - 
Facebook (Canada)
KORTEX - Facebook (France)
 - Facebook (Spain)
Krypteria - Facebook (Germany)
Lacuna Coil - 
Facebook (Italy)
 Lady Beast - Facebook (USA)  
Lana Lane  (USA)
Leather Leone (Chastain) (Italy)
Lullacry - Facebook (Finland)
Marita the Wild Cat (Grimskull) - Facebook (Norway)
Martyrium (Malta)
Mikaela (Martyrium) (Malta)

Morgengrau - Facebook  (USA)
Mystica Girls - Facebook (Mexico)
New Order of Existence - Facebook (USA)
Nightbound (Paraguay)
Niryth (Switzerland)
Null Positiv - Facebook (Germany)
Nusselder, Sonia (Burning Witches) - Facebook (Switzerland)
Once Human (USA)

Otep - Facebook  (USA)
Outline - Facebook (USA)
Panndora -  Facebook (Brazil)
Persona - Facebook (Tunisia)
Poets Asylum - YouTube (Estonia)
Precious Metal (USA)
Ruthless Steel -  Facebook (Greece)
Savage Master - Facebook (USA)
Savn - Facebook (Norway)

Scabbia, Cristina (Lacuna Coil) (Italy)
Sepsiss - Facebook (USA)
Seventh Sin (Netherlands)
Shadowside - Facebook  (Brazil)
Shinobi Ninja - Facebook (USA)
Shokker (USA)
Sinergy (Finland)

Sledge/Leather (USA)
Soraia - Facebook (USA)
Tales of Evening - Facebook (Hungary)
Tantal - Facebook (Russia)

Vainglory - YouTube (USA)
Voice of Baceprot - YouTube  (Indonesia)
Xandria - Facebook (Germany)
Mina Walkure (Kramp) (Spain)
Warlock (Germany)
Wicked Wisdom - Facebook (USA)
Witchbreed - YouTube (Portugal)
White Skull - Facebook (Italy)
WINDRUNNER - Facebook (Vietnam)
Wolfe, Melissa (Sepsiss) (USA)

Znowhite (USA)

Black / Death / Heavy / Melodic / Thrash

Abnormality - Facebook (USA)
Abyssic - Facebook/YouTube (Norway)
The Agonist
 - Facebook (Canada)
Aerenea - Facebook (Germany)
AfterBlood - Facebook (Greece)
Alekhine's Gun - Facebook (USA)
Amaral, Prika (Nervosa) (Brazil)
Amaranthe - Facebook (Sweden)
Amberian Dawn - Facebook (Finland)
Asagraum (Netherlands/Norway)
A Winter Lost - Facebook (Canada)
Arch Enemy - Facebook (Sweden)
Barbarian Prophecies - Facebook (Spain)
Battle Beast - Facebook (Finland)
Bavmorda - Facebook (USA)
Bellazecca, Thalia - YouTube (Italy)
Blackfyre (USA)
Blackthorn - Facebook (Russia)
Bleeding Gods - Facebook (Netherlands)
BLOODHUNTER - Facebook (Spain)

Blood Rituals (Bolivia)
Bovio, Marcela (MayaN) (Netherlands)
Breaking the Silent (USA)
Brutal Crisis - YouTube (Mexico)
Carmilla - YouTube (Sweden)
Casket Robbery - Facebook (USA)
Celestial Burn (Guyana)
Codex Obscura - Facebook (USA)
Coldheart, Mia (Crucified Barbara) (Sweden)
Cowan, Adrienne (Avantasia, Seven Spires) - Facebook (USA)
Cradle of Filth - Facebook (UK)
Critical Mess - Facebook (Germany)
Croft, Isabelle (Flame Or Redemption) (Germany)
Daemona (UK)
Dál Riata - Facebook (UK)
Dani The Death Goddess (Misanthropy) (Spain)
Dark Divinity - Facebook (New Zealand)
Dawn of Eternity - Facebook (Germany)

Death Maze  (Sweden)
Decadence - Facebook (Sweden)
Demona (Chile)
Derketa - Facebook (USA)
Desolation - Facebook (South Africa)
Destrose (Japan)
Détente (USA)
Dim7 - Facebook (USA)
Draconian - Facebook  (Sweden)
Escharotic - Facebook (Hong Kong)
Eternal Katastrophy - YouTube (Angola)
Evil Drive - Facebook (Finland)
Evil Rise - YouTube (Spain)
FATE (Poland)
FayTree - Facebook (USA)
Fear Of God - Facebook (USA)
Fedra - YouTube (Colombia)
Flame Or Redemption - Facebook (Germany)
Flood The Asylum - Facebook (USA)
Fortis Natura - Facebook  (Czech Republic)
Frantic Amber - Facebook (Sweden)
Görtz, Britta (Critical Mess) (Germany)
Grimskull - Facebook (Norway)
Hamadría - YouTube (Peru)
Hekseri - Facebook (USA) 
Hellion - Facebook (USA)
Holocynic - Facebook (Colombia)
Holy Moses - Facebook (Germany) 
Ice Age - Facebook (Sweden)
Igioia - Facebook (Italy)
Izegrim - Facebook (Netherlands)

In This Moment - Facebook (USA)
Jakem - Facebook (Costa Rica)
Junkyard Lipstick - Facebook (South Africa)
Kassogtha - Facebook (Switzerland)
KLAW - Facebook (Switzerland)
Lady Beast - Facebook (USA)
Lahmia - Facebook (Italy)
Levine, Deborah (Lady Beast) (USA)
Lira, Fernanda (Nervosa) (Brazil)
Lisenko, Māra (MĀRA) (Latvia)
The Machinist - Facebook (USA)
Makhashanah (Abyssic, Asagraum) (Norway)

MĀRA - Facebook (Latvia)
Master Sword - Facebook (USA)
May "Undead" Puertas - Torture Squad (Brazil)
MayaN - Facebook (Netherlands)
Meanstreak (USA)
Mechanical God Creation - Facebook (Italy)
Misanthropy - Facebook (Spain)
Misfolded - Facebook (Czech Republic)
Mystik - Facebook (Sweden)
Nervosa - Facebook (Brazil)
NMK - Facebook (Peru)
Oversense - Facebook (Germany)
POKERFACE - Facebook (Russia)
Pons, Patricia (Synlakross) (Spain)
Posthumous - Facebook (South Africa)
Purest of Pain - Facebook (Netherlands)
Rage of Light - Facebook (Switzerland)
Sabiendas - Facebook (Germany)
Sacrilege - Facebook (UK)
Sangre De Luna / Viento Nocturno (USA)
Satanica, Diva (BLOODHUNTER) (Spain)
Seth, Lilly (Aerenea) (Germany)
Schoolcraft, Lindsay (Cradle of Filth) - Facebook (USA)
Sentinel Beast - Facebook (USA)
Sisters of Suffocation - Facebook (Netherlands)
Slave to Sirens - YouTube (Lebanon)
Snipers Of Babel - Facebook (USA)
Sorrowseed (USA)
Souls of Devastation  (Mexico)
Sirannon (Turkey)
Sundaramurthy, Mallika (Abnormality) (USA)
Synlakross - Facebook (Spain)
Tartarus - Facebook (USA)
Tears of Martyr - YouTube (Spain)
Telecide - Facebook (Japan)
Temperance - Facebook (Italy)
Theatre of Tragedy - Facebook (Norway)
Theatre Runs Red - Facebook (South Africa)
Thwart - Facebook (Germany)
Triumph Of Death - Facebook (Switzerland)
Trotoar (Sweden)
Tyranex - Facebook (Sweden)
Urarv - Facebook (Norway)
Valkyre - Facebook (Netherlands)
Van Straten, Simone (Sisters of Suffocation) (Netherlands)
Vastum - Facebook (USA)
Venom Prison - Facebook (UK)
Vetrar Draugurinn - Facebook (Netherlands)
Violeta Violenta (Bolivia)
Viren, Victoria (Evil Drive) (Finland)
Wandering Oak - Facebook (USA)
Warbell - Facebook (Poland)
Wallace, Mia (Niryth, Triumph Of Death) (USA)
Warlock (Germany)
Werlen, Lucie (KLAW) (Germany)
Wintereve - Facebook (France)
Witchblood - Facebook (Germany)

Doom / Sludge / Stoner Metal / Rock

Akris - Facebook (USA)
Alms - Facebook (USA)
- Facebook (Russia)
Backwoods Payback - Facebook (USA)
Black Mountain - Facebook (Canada)
Castle - Facebook (USA)
Dixon, Kayla (Dress The Dead, Witch Mountain) (USA)
Doomstress - Facebook (USA)
Electric Wizard - Facebook (UK)
Heavy Temple - Facebook (USA)
High Priestess - Facebook (USA)
Horehound - Facebook (USA)
Immortal Bird - Facebook (USA)
MooM - Facebook (Israel)
Ruby The Hatchet - Facebook (USA)
Silent Cry (Brazil)
Treedeon (Germany)
Trees of Eternity (Finland)
Völur - Facebook (Canada)
Windhand - Facebook (USA)
Witch Mountain - Facebook (USA)
Witch Ritual - Facebook (USA)
Yatra - Facebook (USA)

Folk / Rock / Metal / Pagan

Anabioz - Facebook (Russia)
 - Facebook (Russia) - (See our profile)
Bastion's Wake - Facebook (USA)
Battlelore - Facebook (Finland)
Celtachor - Facebook (Ireland)
Eluveitie - Facebook (Switzerland)
Erni, Fabienne (Eluveitie) (Switzerland)
Evenmore - Facebook (Switzerland)
Fferyllt - Facebook (Russia)
GRAI - Facebook (Russia)
Heilung - Facebook (Denmark)
Idis Ördög - Facebook (Germany)
Kaira - Facebook (Iceland)
Kalevala - Facebook (Russia)
Miasthenia - Facebook (Brazil)
Midnattsol - Facebook (Germany/Norway)
Myrkur - Facebook (Denmark)
Na Cruithne - Facebook (Ireland)
Nawather (Tunisia)
NYTT LAND - Facebook (Siberia)
PAGANLAND - Facebook (Ukraine)
Runika (Poland)
Teshaleh - Facebook (USA)
Tvinna (Finland)
Ulytau - YouTube (Kazakhstan)
Van Canto - Facebook (Germany)
Warkings - Facebook (Switzerland)
Woodscream - Facebook (Russia)

Glam / Hard / Metal / Core / Sleaze / Punk / Rock

7 Year Bitch
- Facebook (USA)
The 1865 - Facebook (USA)
Alice Bag - Facebook (USA)
Azathoth Circle
- Facebook (Ukraine)
Betty Blowtorch (USA)
Big Joanie - Facebook (UK)
Bikini Kill - Facebook (USA)
Broken By The Scream
- Facebook (Japan)
Butcher Babies
 - Facebook (USA)
Le Butcherettes - Facebook (Mexico/USA)
Chevalier - Facebook (Finland)
Child, Katrin (PITCHBLACK) (Russia)
Code Orange - Facebook (USA)

Crucified Barbara - YouTube (Sweden)
Destroy Boys - Facebook (USA)
Destruye Y Huye (USA)
Drug Apartments - Facebook (USA)
Employed To Serve - Facebook (UK)
Dirt Pile - Facebook (USA)
Exiled From Grace (USA)
FEA - Facebook (USA)
Femme Fatale - Facebook (USA)
Futura (USA)
Generacion Suicida - Facebook (USA)

Girlschool - Facebook (UK)
G.L.O.S.S. (USA)
Grumpster - Facebook (USA)
Jawbox - Facebook (USA)

- Facebook (Ukraine)
Krimewatch (USA)
Las Cochinas (USA)
Melt-Banana - Facebook (Japan)
Mildrage - Facebook (Japan)
The Muslims - Facebook (USA)
Naked Beggars - Facebook (USA)
Nightcreature - Facebook (USA)
Phantom Blue - Facebook (USA)
 - Facebook  (USA)
Pleasure Venom - Facebook (USA)
Punho de Mahin - YouTube (Brazil)
PussyRiot (Russia)
Rockbitch - Facebook (UK)
Saraya (USA)
SxFxCx - Facebook (Peru)
Shagwüf - Facebook (USA)
Sheer Mag - Facebook (USA)
Sister Sin (Sweden)
Skew Siskin - Facebook (Germany)
Skunk Anansie - Facebook (UK)
Strangers (USA)
Last Shout (Angola)
PITCHBLACK - Facebook (Russia)
Riddlebreak - Facebook (South Africa)
Shooting Daggers - Facebook (UK)
Splitmind - Facebook (Russia)
Straight Line Stitch  (USA)
Svffer - Facebook (Germany)
Synapsa - Facebook (Poland)
Talk Me Off - Facebook (USA)

Tetiana Shmailiuk (Jinjer) (Ukraine)
Tetrarch - Facebook (USA)
Trap Girl - Facebook (USA)
War On Women
- Facebook (USA)
Wendy O. Williams (Plasmatics) (USA)
X - Facebook (USA)

Gothic / Operatic / Symphonic / Rock

Abbey Death - Facebook (USA)
Ad Infinitum
- Facebook (Switzerland)
Aesma Daeva

After Forever (Netherlands)
Against Myself - Facebook (Spain)
Ancient Bards - Facebook (Italy)
Anwynn - Facebook (Belgium)
Arcantis - YouTube (Brazil)

Autumn - Facebook (Netherlands)
Autumn Tears - Facebook  (USA)
BABYMETAL - Facebook (Japan)
Beneath My Sins - Facebook (France)
Beyond the Black - Facebook (Germany)
Beyond God
- Facebook (Netherlands)
Bonny, Melissa
(Ad Infinitum, Evenmore, Rage of Light, Serenity, WarKings) - Facebook (Switzerland)
BrightStorm (Brazil)
- Facebook (Germany)
Celtian (Spain)
Dark Sarah
- Facebook (Finland)
Delain - Facebook (Netherlands)
Delauney, Clementine (Visions of Atlantis) (Switzerland)
Deva, Sarah Jezebel (UK)
DivAhar - Facebook (Armenia)
(See our profile)
Dogs & Day Drinkers - Facebook (USA)
Dreams of Sanity (Austria)

Edenbridge - Facebook (Netherlands)
Edenian - Facebook (Ukraine)
Elvaston, Emma (Beneath My Sins) (France)
Elusion - Facebook (Belgium)
Elvellon - Facebook (Germany)
Elysium - Facebook (Italy)
Enemy of Reality - Facebook (Greece)
 - Facebook (UK)
EvenDusk - Facebook (Brazil)
Exit Eden - Facebook (Germany)
Fairie's Death Waltz - YouTube (USA)
FrostAgratH - Facebook (Egypt)
Frozen Crown - Facebook (Italy)
The Gathering - Facebook (Netherlands)
Happ, Aline (Lyria) (Brazil)
Horizons Edge - Facebook (Australia)
Hydra - Facebook (Germany)
Imperia - Facebook  (Norway)
Imperial Age - Facebook (Russia)
Kalidia - Facebook (Italy)
Lanna, Federica (Sleeping Romance) (Italy)

Las Reinas de los Condenados (Peru)
Leaves’ Eyes - Facebook  (Germany/Norway)
Lin, Mizuho - Facebook (Brazil)
Lyria - Facebook (Brazil)
Lyriel (Germany)
Macri, Laura (MayaN) - Facebook (Italy)
Manora (Netherlands)
Maurelle, Aeva (Frozen Crown) (Italy)
Meden Agan - Facebook (Greece)
Naio Ssaion (Slovenia)
Nevaria - Facebook (Germany)
As Night Falls - Facebook (Poland)

 - Facebook (Finland)
Noir, Madame Anais (Poison Garden) (Italy)
Novarium - Facebook (USA)
Odintsova, Jane (Imperial Age) (Russia)
Pandora's Key - Facebook (Netherlands)
Parviainen, Heidi (Dark Sarah) (Finland)
Poison Garden - Facebook (Italy)
ReVamp - YouTube (Netherlands)
Rhea's Obsession (Canada)
Roar of Heroes (Cameroon)
Rosellini, Nicoletta (Kalidia) (Italy)
Sans Peur - Facebook (USA)
Sasamaso - YouTube (Madagascar)
Scarlet, Sonya (Theatre des Vampires) (Italy)
Secret Chord - YouTube (Portugal)
Secret Rule - Facebook (Italy)
Selene - Facebook (UK)
Semblant - Facebook (Brazil)
Serenity - Facebook (Switzerland)
Serpentyne - Facebook (UK)
Seven Kingdoms (USA)
Seven Spires - Facebook (USA)
Siirala, Elena (Leaves' Eyes) - Facebook (UK)
Sirenia - Facebook (Norway)
Skeptical Minds - Facebook (Belgium)
Sleeping Romance - Facebook (Italy)
Somerville, Amanda (Exit Eden) - Facebook (Germany)
Squadrani, Sara (Ancient Bards) - Facebook (Italy)
Stephanie, Naimi (BrightStorm) (Brazil)
Stream of Passion - YouTube (Mexico/Netherlands)
Theatre des Vampires - Facebook (Italy)
Tigersclaw - Facebook (Germany)
Tristania - Facebook (Norway)
Turunen, Tarja - Facebook (Finland)
Unleash The Archers - Facebook (Canada)
Van Giersbergen, Anneke (VUUR- Facebook (Netherlands)
Van Giersbergen, Dianne (Ex Libris) - Facebook (Netherlands)
Villegas, Irene (Against Myself) (Spain)

Visions of Atlantis - Facebook (Austria)
Walk In Darkness - Facebook (Italy)
Welman, Marjan (Autumn, Vetrar Draugurinn) (Netherlands)
Within Temptation - Facebook (Netherlands)
Xandria - Facebook (Germany)
Zoldan, Emma (Sirenia) (Norway)

 Industrial / Electronica / Experimental / Progressive Metal / Rock

11th Dimension - Facebook (Portugal)
Alia Tempora - Facebook (Czech Republic)
Arcane Symphony
- Facebook (Russia)
Betty X
 - Facebook  (USA)
Coup de Grâce - Facebook (Singapore)
Dematus - Facebook (USA)
Effloresce - Facebook (Germany)
Entheos - Facebook (USA)
Erzulie - Facebook (USA)
Ex Libris - Facebook (Netherlands)
Fabulae Dramatis - Facebook (Belgium)
Melissa Ferlaak  (USA)
Fuchs, Böse - Facebook (Germany)
Galahad (Uruguay)
Genitorturers - Facebook (USA)

Hiraeth (South Africa)
Luxul - Facebook (UK)
Ladybaby - Facebook (Japan)
Longfield, Sarah - Facebook (USA)
Mental Circus - Facebook (Belgium)
Morávková Markie (Alia Tempora) (Czech Republic)
Morphide - Facebook (Denmark)

Nightqueen - YouTube (Belgium)
NOVA TWINS - Facebook (UK)
Oceans of Slumber - Facebook (USA)
Stolen Babies - Facebook  (USA)
The Birthday Massacre - Facebook (Canada)
To-Mera - Facebook (UK)
Unexpect - Facebook (Canada)
VINTERSEA - Facebook (USA)
VUUR - Facebook (Netherlands)

Tribute Bands

AlkoholikA - Facebook (Metallica Tribute, Germany)
Atomic Blondie
- Facebook (UK)
Black/Rosie - Facebook (AC/DC Tribute, Germany)
Black Sabbitch - Facebook (Black Sabbath Tribute, USA)
Cowgirls From Hell - Facebook (USA)
Dia (Dio Tribute, USA)
Dorothea - YouTube (Doro Tribute, Norway)
dos Anjos, Noelle (AlkoholikA) (Metallica Tribute, Germany)

Far Beyond Hostile (USA)
Highway To Her (AC/DC Tribute, Italy)
The Iron Maidens
- Facebook (Iron Maiden Tribute, USA)
Judas Priestess - Facebook (USA)
Judith Priest - Facebook (USA)
Lez Zeppelin - Facebook (USA)
Maiden UniteD - Facebook (Netherlands)

  Misstallica - Facebook (Metallica Tribute, USA)
Mistress of Reality (Black Sabbath Tribute, USA)
PRISS - Facebook (USA)

Queen Diamond (King Diamond Tribute, USA)
Sleeping Sun - Facebook (Nightwish Tribute, Germany)
Vixen Vendetta - YouTube (USA)
X-Hells - Facebook (AC/DC Tribute, Germany)
ACDShe - Facebook (AC/DC Tribute, USA)

Female Metal and Hard Rock Sites & Communities

Metal Maidens.com
Femme Metal Webzine
Sonic Cathedral

Female Metal and Hard Rock Labels

Femetal Records


Female Metal and Hard Rock Festivals

Metal Female Voices Fest (Europe)